Databases Configuraion and Management

After logging in as the admin or a different user (having access to Database Definitions) select from the top menu Configure > Databases - here you can manage your data sources.

The button in Action column, allows to toggle state of the selected DB.

When something goes wrong while connecting to a DB, SlashDB will inform you by changing the Connection status to Failed. If necessary, it will also display a notification bellow the databases list, with more info about the problem.

A failed connection mostly occurs because of following two reasons:

  • an error in the DB configuration - please check your DB definition for typos/errors
  • a network errors due to a firewall blocking access to the DB or network down time - check your firewall and grant access to the given DB or contact your network administrator

Adding a new data source is easy, just click the New button.

Select the your database Type and fill-out the necessary field. More info on a filed can be seen by hovering over the ! icon.

Click Save button and Close - if you don't want to change anything else.
Now you should see your newly added database in the Database Definitions table.

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