Before setting up SlashDB, make sure Docker is installed on the target system.

1. Docker image

You can get the SlashDB docker image provided by our team from Docker Hub.

docker pull slashdb/slashdb

Or if you have been provided with a image file, use docker load i.e.

docker load < ./sdb_x.x.xx.docker

# b257bb4b4aea: Loading layer 196.8 MB/196.8 MB
# b290ed9f4e14: Loading layer 209.9 kB/209.9 kB
# b6aa0652e325: Loading layer 7.168 kB/7.168 kB
# e24c95bed650: Loading layer 4.608 kB/4.608 kB
# 814604a03e94: Loading layer 3.072 kB/3.072 kB
# 3ac2ea692679: Loading layer 152.8 MB/152.8 MB
# 36a5c7f234bc: Loading layer 22.29 MB/22.29 MB
# 76ba017a485b: Loading layer 297.7 MB/297.7 MB
# 1e2ddd8ef599: Loading layer 205.9 MB/205.9 MB
# 456ccca94e51: Loading layer 218.5 MB/218.5 MB
# 0714498ad0ac: Loading layer 2.048 kB/2.048 kB
# e7ffe16c19f7: Loading layer 15.22 MB/15.22 MB
# 89af368bac27: Loading layer 143.4 MB/143.4 MB
# 5f30753f7cb6: Loading layer 6.061 MB/6.061 MB
# b04b6d506d9e: Loading layer 4.096 kB/4.096 kB
# Loaded image: slashdb:x.x.xx```

Check if the image is present in your local repo using:

docker images

REPOSITORY      TAG         IMAGE ID        CREATED             SIZE
slashdb         latest      edfc56915a4c    About an hour ago   1.237 GB

Download and unzip the default SlashDB configuration files:

wget -c


Now you can just use:

docker run -d -p 8000:80 -v /my/path/slashdb:/etc/slashdb -v /my/path/log/slashdb:/var/log/slashdb slashdb/slashdb

To run your SlashDB instance:

* **-v** attributes [mount local directories inside the container](, allowing to make your settings and log files persistent between container restarts.
* **-p** attribute tels docker to bind the containers 80 port to port 8000 of the local machine.

You can check if it is running by issuing:

docker sp
CONTAINER ID    IMAGE           COMMAND                  CREATED              STATUS              PORTS                  NAMES
df3436fb8075    slashdb:latest  "/bin/sh -c superviso"   About a minute ago   Up About a minute>80/tcp  bright_jennings

2. Connect using web browser

The docker SlashdDB instance is now available at localhost:8000 and you can begin exploring your data.

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