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Web Apps made easy with SlashDB

SlashDB gives developers a fast an easy way to get a backend data storage for their apps and get ahead with their ideas.

A Web App can be as simple as HTML, CSS and some JavaScript on the frontend and SlashDB on the backend. As an example, we created a simple angular-slashdb app. An running instance of it can be found here and the code for it is located here.

This app uses SlashDB-s user model (which if fine for many cases), but for a more fine grained user management, it's recommended to implement an additional authentication/authorization layer. This can be done in any way suited for a given use case.

As with the case above, we provide a minimal example in the form of our timesheet-demo app. Along with the app code you can check out the article describing its implementation details. If you want to see the app running, just download a pre-build binary for your OS and run it accordingly.