Setting up SlashDB on a server

There are a variety of ways you can get working with SlashDB.

Desired setup Recommendation
Production on Linux machines Linux, Docker
One-click launch in the cloud Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure
Virtual machines (incl. for Windows) Hyper-V, VMWare, VirtualBox, Vagrant

Logging in for the first time

1. SlashDB can be accessed by logging in through a web browser.

2. When the SlashDB GUI is opened for the first time, an administrative setup wizard will appear.

If SlashDB is being configured as a production instance, select the Production/UAT/DR radio button. When prompted, upload a license key. A license key can be obtained at the Pricing page.

If the SlashDB instance is for development or evaluation purposes, select the Development radio button. With the developer's checkbox selected, a license will be automatically generated.

3. Click Next and follow the setup instructions.

Managing SlashDB service

While setting up SlashDB the following commands are helpful to know.

Using the provided init script:

sudo service slashdb stop
sudo service slashdb start

or just issue:

sudo service slashdb restart

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