Administrator can manage licenses by accessing the License management from the the top menu Configure > License.

The page allows administrators to view information about server and currently installed license. Admin can also upgrade plans.

license page

Server Information

On this page you will also find the server information i.e Server hostname and Server CPU cores. Send these when requesting a license.

In below example:

  • server hostname is pc-429.slashdb.lab and
  • server cpu cores is 1

server information

Current License Details

This sections provides information on currently installed license:

  • license type
  • expiration date
  • unique product key
  • number of maximum allowed users defined in SlashDB
  • number of maximum allowed connected databases
  • number of maximum allowed cpu cores on the server
  • number of maximum enabled identity providers that use JWT
  • number of maximum enabled identity providers that use SAML
  • contact information

license information

Uploading New License

To update the license follow the instruction on the page

upload new license

First click on button Attach License File and pick new license file. The new license will be validated. In case of any issues there will be message in red.

invalid hostname in license

When license is valid there will not be any messages, finally click on Upload button.

valid license

The license file will be sent and saved on SlashDB server, the page will refresh and new license information will appear in section Current License Details

License File

License is a text file that contains properties:

  • product is name of the product i.e. SlashDB
  • version defines for what version the license is applicable:
    • == exact version number e.g. == 1.4.2 license is valid only for server version 1.4.2
    • >= greater or equal than e.g. >= 1.3.0 license is valid for server version greater or equal than 1.3.0
    • <= less or equal than e.g. <= 1.5.0 license is valid for server version less or equal than 1.5.0
    • > greater than e.g. > 1.4.0 license is valid for server version greater than 1.4.0
    • < less than e.g. < 1.5.0 license is valid for server version less than 1.5.0
  • license-type can be:
    • Developer License for development purposes only or
    • Production License for production purposes
  • expiration is a date in format YYYY-MM-DD until license is valid e.g. 2021-12-31. Expiration can be empty which means the license never expires.
  • registered is for internal purposes
  • dbtypes is a comma-separated list of database types for which license is valid. It means user will be able to connect only to the listed databases. Valid options are: mssql, db2, mysql, mariadb, postgresql, sqlite, sqlcipher. When uploading a license that does not support certain database type then such databases must be first disconnected.
  • max-databases is a limit of connected databases. Number of connected databases must be less or equal than max-databases in new license.
  • max-users is a limit of users beside admin that can be created in SlashDB e.g. 5 means user admin and 5 other users are allowed. Number of users must be less or equal than max-users + 1 in new license.
  • max-cpu-cores is a limit of cores in CPU on the server. Empty means the license is valid for any number of cores.
  • hostname-fqdn is a hostname of the server. Empty means the license is valid for any hostname.
  • sso-jwt is number of enabled identity providers that use OpenId Connect protocol.
  • sso-saml is a number of enabled identity providers that use SAML protocol.
  • organization is a name of the organization for which the license was issued for.
  • organization-dept is optional name of department of the organization.
  • billing-contact-name, billing-contact-email and billing-contact-phone are optional contact information to a person responsible for acquisition.
  • technical-contact-name, technical-contact-email and technical-contact-phone are optional contact information to a system administrator responsible for maintenance of the server and SlashDB.
  • key is a unique verification key that proves integrity of the license.

Example of the license file

product: SlashDB
version: < 1.5.0
license-type: Production License
registered: True
dbtypes: mssql, mysql, sqlite, postgresql, db2, sqlcipher, mariadb
max-databases: 5
max-users: 20
sso-jwt: 3
sso-saml: 0
organization: VTE
billing-contact-name: John Tutorial
key: 6d6.....dada

Database servers licensed

The lower section on license page shows types of database servers that current license allows users to connect to.

licensed database types

Databases that are supported by the subscribed plan are highlighted in green, and unsupported are in red. For example if the current license doesn't support Oracle, it will be highlighted red. Users will not be able to use Oracle as the back-end data source.

Uploading New License that allows Oracle would change the status to green.

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