Developing with SlashDB

SlashDB allows developers to customize the service to fit their exact needs.

Web Develompent with SlashDB Angular SDK (Open Source)

Create Single Page Applications using SlashDB, AngularJS and specially prepared SlashDB SDK. Visit SlashDB SDK project to find out more.

Customizing SlashDB API with declarative models

SlashDB with powerful reflect mechanism that automatically discovers database model is the best option for most applications but for some experienced developers may want to customize the model. Read more on crating custom database model

Custom Data Backend

SlashDB by default connects to most popular relational databases lite MS SQL, Oracle, DB2, PostgreSQL, MySQL and SQLite and it may be extended with custom plugin to interact with data from different sources. Read more on creating custom data backend.

Web Apps made easy with SlashDB

Having SlashDB significantly reduces time and effort to create a RESTful access your data.

How-to Articles

How-to: Infinite Scroll with SlashDB and React

Infinite Scroll is a web design technique that progressively loads items in a scroll-able list as a user scrolls. The technique can be viewed as a progressive loading approach to lists. It should be noted that… read more

Using API Lazy Loading to Speed Up Client Programs

What is Lazy Loading? Before we can describe what lazy loading in code means, we first have to look at how it's different from what programmers are used to. You may not have heard the name for it before, but… read more

A Leaderboard Powered by SlashDB and AWS Lambda

Go serverless with SlashDB and AWS Lambda, and see how you can achieve these advantages: Cost Efficiencies – when you don’t have to manage infrastructure you can componentize parts of your entire application and only scale what you need to… read more

How to connect D3.js to relational databases using API

D3.js is one of those useful tools that make visualizing data fun and interactive. So we’ll show you how to expand your use of SlashDB with D3. Since SlashDB’s API provides access to your data in the formats, HTML, JSON,… read more

IndexedDB Meets SlashDB

Ever wish you can download complex, parent-child relationship (hierarchical) data from a relational data store and persist that data locally for use from browser or mobile device session to session? In a prior post, we looked at a simple key/value… read more

Using SlashDB and Browser Local Storage for Cached Data Presentation

Storing information locally within modern browsers local or session storage facilities is a great strategy for assuring that data is available in the case when users are offline (not connected to the Internet) and still want to use back-end data… read more

Accessing Relational Data from R — Simplified by SlashDB

When data scientists or analysts outside the software development team analyze the data for insights, many use R for statistical summaries and publication-quality visualizations of the data. But first, to get to the data from the shared data store, those… read more

How to Use SlashDB API with a Business Intelligence Tool

SlashDB is excited to share a practical demonstration of how SlashDB API can be used with business intelligence tools to quickly and efficiently interpret data. SlashDB API allows remote data to be pulled in without having to install a driver… read more

How to do wildcard filtering in SlashDB DataDiscovery

For best viewing, open the video in full screen. Wildcard filtering in SlashDB allows to retrieve data based on a partial match on a field. Using this technique and other Data Discovery features in SlashDB you will save tons of time on… read more

How to Repurpose, Reuse, and Upcycle Data

It’s no secret that creating data-driven marketing materials can be time consuming and labor intensive. Turning your data into marketable content is a creative process that requires time, energy, and ingenuity. So, it makes sense to repurpose, reuse, and upcycle data to… read more

Building a simple timesheet app with SlashDB, Go and Vue

Building a simple timesheet app with SlashDB, Go and Vue As a proof of concept we are building a time tracking app using APIs from SlashDB for the backend. The app itself will allow users to register, login/logout, add new projects, add… read more

How to Prepare Your API for Holiday Traffic

Did you hear that web's fiber optic wires light up in different colors during Holiday season? Well, we are not certain that's true, but without a doubt holiday shopping online is now more popular than ever. Just to drive the point home, PracticalEcommerce… read more

SlashDB Creates an API for Twitter Challenge

Slash DB is proud to share our work for API Evangelist. Earlier this month, API Evangelist issued a Twitter challenge to create an API for Ranking Digital Rights data. We’re happy to say that we not only accepted this… read more

The Database Search Engine: Your Information Librarian

Navigating databases can be tough. This can be true for Computer Wizards and Average Joes alike. Whether it’s the way your data is organized, or simply the amount of data you keep track of, it can be difficult to keep it… read more

Graph Façade API over Relational Data

Writing SQL queries can be a lot of work. This work feels especially tedious if you made upfront investment into designing a well normalized database model. With all those relationships already declared, why must we specify all those JOIN statements in queries… read more

SlashDB API for Data Science vs. Tools Like Oracle BI

We are often asked how SlashDB compares to Oracle BI or other business intelligence software. Well, the main difference is that SlashDB provides unobstructed access to data for reading and writing, while those tools can only display data already nicely… read more

Mobile App in a few clicks using SlashDB and KendoUI

As a quick experiment this afternoon, we clicked our way through a tutorial to KendoUI and modified it slightly to show data from the SlashDB demo instance. As you can see in the picture a simulated iOS app is displaying… read more

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