Microsoft Azure

Azure is a Cloud platform developed and maintained by Microsoft. It enables customers a quick and effortless deployment of applications. SlashDB, being one of those applications, is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, giving users the full potential of Azure.


1. To instantiate a VM with SlashDB, point an internet browser to (, and click GET IT NOW.

2. If necessary, login to your Microsoft Azure account, and follow the launch instructions.

3. When the below screen appears, select suitable Software plan and click Continue.

and on the next screen click Create

4. Configure the machine deployment as needed. Fill the fields in sections:

Basics: Resource group, VM name, Size, Authentication method

Disks: Standard HDD is enough.

Networking: The default setup will allow connections to VM on ports 22, 80 and 443.

Management: Leave default unless you have special requirements.

Guest config: Leave default unless you have special requirements.

Tags: Leave default unless you have special requirements.

Review + create: Have a look at the summary and when your configuration validates successfully you may click Create to launch the VM.

5. Azure will start the deployment process. This might take a few moments.

6. You will be notified when VM is ready.

7. Navigate to the details of the VM using the Go to resource link

or through the list of your virtual machines

8. See details of newly created virtual machine to find Public IP address.

To begin using your newly deployed Azure SlashDB instance just point the browser to the displayed Public IP address. In the above example:

You may also SSH to the instance using username and password configured in step 4 - Basics

For a step by step instruction on connecting SlashDB to an Azure SQL database please see this answer on StackOverflow:

12. To finish setup see:

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