Microsoft Azure

Azure is a Cloud platform developed and maintained by Microsoft. It enables customers quick and effortless deployment of applications. SlashDB being one of those applications, is available on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, giving users the full potential of Azure.


1. To instantiate a VM with SlashDB, point an internet browser to (, and click GET IT NOW.

2. If necessary, login to your Microsoft Azure account, and follow the launch instructions.

3. When the below screen appears, select suitable Software plan and click Continue.


and on the next screen click Create

4. Fill out the required fields and click OK.

5. Next select the instance size that suits your needs and click Select.

6. Check and adjust the VM's settings. If everything looks fine, click OK.

7. Look over the summary and then click OK.

8. Make sure that the payment options look correct, and the click Purchase.

9. Azure will start the deployment process. This might take a few moments.

10. When Azure finishes, it will automatically load the VM's overview panel.

11. To begin using your newly deployed Azure SlashDB instance just point the browser to the displayed IP address. In the above example:

Next login via SSH. Continuing the above example, type:

ssh sdb@

When prompted for the password, enter the password setup in step 4.

12. To finish setup see: Logging in for the first time.

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