Navigating SlashDB

When a user navigates to your SlashDB site they will see an interface like the one below.

1. Data Discovery

Data Discovery allows users to explore and access the databases setup in the system.

2. SQL Pass-thru

SQL Pass-thru enables users to perform custom queries.

3. Documentation

Documentation provides links to online user guides and video tutorials.

4. Configure

Configure allows users with the proper permissions to add, remove and edit databases, users queries and licenses.

5. Log in

The log in section allows users to log in to SlashDB with their username and password.

6. Errors and Warnings

Whenever an issue occurs during the SlashDB boot-up process, the Errors and Warnings notification widget will light up.

To learn more about any encountered issues, click on the widget and a list with descriptions of the errors and warnings will appear.

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